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Dog Walking Service, Hope Mills, NC

Sisters Petcare - SERVICES


Choose a 20-30 minute or 50-60 minute walk for your best friend! A tired dog is a good dog! Daily exercise helps to alleviate stress and boredom. This can reduce or prevent some undesirable behaviors. Sisters Petcare will walk rain or shine! Price is for up to 2 dogs, additional dogs $2 each. Home care services and feeding pets are not included. Dogs will receive fresh clean water.


Sisters Petcare offers pet sitting options to fit your needs! If you work long hours and your dog needs to be let out to potty, then a daily Midday Visit is for you! (See above) If you are going away for vacation or business we can visit your pet 3-4 times per day. Medications or fluid administrations have a small additional fee. All home care services (such as mail/newspaper collection, lights and blinds rotation, taking and retrieving trashcan from curb, ect.) are included in price. Price is for up to 2 pets. Each additional pet is $2.


Let us do the "dirty" work for you!

Sisters Petcare will remove the pet waste from your yard and dispose of waste for you!

All Tools are sanitized before and after entering your yard.

Free consult on request!

We do not enter your home unless requested!

Prices below are for average size yards. For Large or Extra Large Yards please call for price quote.

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